Montblancs latest collection honours the life of celebrity and legacy, James Dean

Montblancs latest collection honours the life of celebrity and legacy, James Dean

Only the gentle are ever really strong.

An icon that graced the silver screens with his presence, James Dean and his lexicon of cinematography lives on in our hearts and mind as a whirlwind romance that we can never forget. Effortlessly charming, devilishly good looking, and acting so passionate, it was as though he was speaking directly to you, this powerhouse blazed through with a legacy that has reshaped the world of Hollywood, and Montblanc has venerated his accolades and life with their “Great Characters Limited Edition” collection.

Past leaders and virtuosos of history who have been paid homage to as part of the “Great Characters Limited Edition” collection have been Miles Davis, John F. Kennedy, Andy Warhol and even Mahatma Gandhi, all exceptional human beings whose life has left a lasting impression on society, with the extraordinary James Dean joining the ranks. The collection recalls the quintessential red jacket worn in his second film “Rebel without a Cause”, with the pen hosting a red precious resin of the cap and barrel. All of the iconic moments and from James Dean’s life on the screen have been commemorated on these pens, such as the body structure of the pen taking after the actors most iconic look, jeans, as well as a ruthenium-coated clip and inlay on the cap in reference to the gun that Jett Rink carried on his shoulders and the bullets used in the movie “Giant.”

Words from the wise man himself, “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today,” are engraved around the cap and his love for speed and motor racing are denoted through a handcrafted, rhodium-coated Au 585 gold nib engraved with a racing flag. With such violent delights, you unfortunately meet violent ends, with the engraved ring on the barrel providing the geographic position of the James Dean Memorial Junction, where the actor passed, doing what he loved.

Available as well is a limited edition series of only 99 pieces from the collection , “Montblanc Great Characters James Dean™ Limited Edition 99”,with a knife-shaped design on the writing instrument, as another throwback to his movie “Rebel Without A Cause.” Crafted from precious ebony with fittings made of Au 750 solid white gold, the pens barrel makes it look like a closed switchblade, with a handcrafted rhodium-coated Au 750 gold nice engraved with a racing flag as well. As one of the greats from the Golden Age of Hollywood, James Dean graced us with his then out of bounds acting and changed the way we ,as an audience, perceive films and cinematic pieces. So make like James Dean and allow your words to change the world with the “Great Characters James Dean Edition.”

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