Loved Titanic, the movie? Here’s your chance to see it up close in a submersible

Loved Titanic, the movie? Here’s your chance to see it up close in a submersible

For about MYR430,000 you can embark on a tour-cum-study of the wreck of history’s most iconic ocean liner.

It’s been 106 years since the RMS Titanic sank on its maiden voyage, and 21 years since the James Cameron-directed tearjerker reignited public awareness of the tragedy. Feel old yet? Relive your youth in the classiest way possible with a six-figure, front-row ticket to the actual wreck in the Atlantic.

The Titan – the submersible that’s armed to the teeth with scanning and sensor equipment that’ll help document the wreck.

You’ll join part of a dead-serious series of expeditions which aim to scan and log enough information of the wreck to build a high-resolution 3D model, so as to preserve the memory of the ship for future generations. The wreck itself is deteriorating at an alarming rate as rust-like microorganisms ‘eat’ away at the steel, hence the urgency of the missions to come.

Fret not, adventurer, you’ll get hot meals and a private room with ensuite aboard the support ship Island Pride, which will be the base of operations on the expedition.

Be warned, your role as a Mission Specialist goes beyond being a tourist – you’ll be given the opportunity to train in areas such as sonar operation, navigation, communications, camera ops and data logging (information lifted from the site), and actively contribute to this momentous project. The intrepid may find this a thrilling plus – after all, there’s a limit to how much gawking you can do after a week. We’re also not sure how often non-scientists get offered the chance to be involved in such vital operations.

More details, mission objectives and information at the OceanGate Expeditions site. Trips commence 2019.

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