Homers legacy is celebrated in the 27th Writers Edition collection from Montblanc

Homers legacy is celebrated in the 27th Writers Edition collection from Montblanc

The pen is mightier than the sword.

A literary genius whose words will forever be remembered as those that reshaped the landscape of Western literature, and whose thoughts and stories have influenced several generations of minds, Homer, is the icon with which Montblanc celebrates their 27th annual Writers Edition collection. The collection known as Montblanc Writers Edition, Homage To Homer, as well as the limited edition collection Montblanc Writers Edition, Homage to Homer Limited Edition 1581, draws clear inspirations from both the epics that Homer is most famous for.

The Iliad, renowned for the infamous battle strategy of concealing Greek soldiers within a wooden horse, is seen through the iconic stratagem of the Trojan horse, whose head and body are reflected in the silhouette of the pen, using a stylistic form. Following Greek black-figure pottery, a constant background prop in Homer’s writings, the cap and barrel are made of matte black precious resin, which pairs beautifully with the champagne-tone gold coated fittings.

One is not allowed to bring up Homeric poetry without bringing up one of the greatest warriors of the Trojan War, Achilles, whose spear and helmet can be found on the pen as the shape of the gold-coated clip, and as the fine engraving on the handcrafted gold nib, respectively. Another nod to Homers work meander frieze design on the champagne gold-coated fitting as a design reference to the hexameter, a six-footed sentence structure that was used in his poems.

For the Montblanc Writers Edition, Homage to Homer Limited Edition 1581 the limitation number refers to the year that the Iliad was first translated to English. The pen hosts the same equine silhouette, with the cap and barrel crafted from the distinctive precious coral resin. Achilles’ armour inspired the gold coated inlay on the cap, and the champagne tone gold coated cap top, cap ring, cone and forepart are all decorated with an engraving that represents the dactylic hexameter, a sentence structure associated with Greek poetry.

Both the collections are available as a Fountain Pen, Roller Ball and Ballpoint Pen, as well as a Mechanical Pen that only can be purchased in a set. Pair the pens with fine stationery made within the Homage to Homer collection, with a special ink colour of Greek blue, as well as a lined notebook made of leather, the same shade as the ink, with the sculpture of the Trojan horse, adorning the cover. From triumphant heroes who befall tragedies, to journeys that weave through life and death and war and peace, Homer understood and articulated what it means to be human, and with this collection, so can you.

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