‘Confluential’ exhibition at 8 Conlay returns featuring photographer Kenny Loh

‘Confluential’ exhibition at 8 Conlay returns featuring photographer Kenny Loh

KSK Land explores the past and present of Kuala Lumpur in this photography exhibition

The art of photography often captures the raw images of life. Whether shot in full colour or in monochromatic tones, there is always a story to be gleaned from each image.

This year, 8 Conlay returns to the art scene for a second year, with Confluential – A Photo Essay of Kuala Lumpur, a photography exhibit featuring the works of award-winning Malaysian photographer, Kenny Loh.

A total of 26 images are up for exhibit, all portraying the stories and lives of individuals that are tied to Kuala Lumpur, who live, work and play in this concrete jungle. Through these individuals, the images tell a story of the city of Kuala Lumpur, both in the past and at present time, reminding the audience of the melange of rich cultures that makes this beloved city what it is.

Joanne Kua, KSK Group CEO and KSK Land Managing Director, with award-winning Malaysian photographer, Kenny Loh, at the launch of Confluential – A Photo Essay of Kuala Lumpur

“Our aim is to remind ourselves who we are as Malaysians and how unique our country is as we celebrate the 61st Merdeka Day and the 55th Malaysia Day,” said Joanne Kua, KSK Group Berhad CEO and managing director of KSK Land at the exhibition’s launch.

The images on show are selections from Loh’s latest photography book project called A Story of Kuala Lumpur, as well as from his first book Born in Malaysia – A Photographer’s Journey.

Francis Wolf carries the Kavadi in remembrance of his late father. Photo: Kenny Loh

Musician and artist, Alena Murang, playing the sape in celebration of her Borneo heritage. Photo: Kenny Loh

Photo on exhibit entitled Bringing Back the Kebaya. Photo: Kenny Loh

The exhibition is on show now, running from 17 August until 16 September 2018, at the 8 Conlay sales gallery in Kuala Lumpur.


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