Bondi Beach is serving up sun, sea and sculptures in summer

Bondi Beach is serving up sun, sea and sculptures in summer

Dive into Sydney’s art scene.

Visiting the beach makes you think of several words beginning with the letter S – sun, sea, sand and surf come to mind. Every summer at Bondi Beach in Sydney however, Destination NSW invites you to add a new word to that list: sculptures, with the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.

This year, the exhibition features 107 sculptures by artists from Australia and all over the world, placed along a two kilometre stretch of the coastline for visitors to experience. The event is the largest public outdoor sculpture exhibition in the world, attracting up to 450,000 visitors.

‘Rise and Fall’ by Small Ocean Collaboration with Jeremy Sheehan. Photo by Jessica Wyld.

An exhibition highlight from this year is a showcase of eight artworks from alumni of Beijing’s Central Academy of Art (CAFA). Aside from that, leading Australian sculptors Hossein Valamanesh and Wendy Teakel are among the 70 local artists that have their works on show along Bondi’s coastline.

An event that marks the beginning of summer in the southern hemisphere, Sculpture by the Sea is now in its final week of exhibition, closing on the 4th of November.

Michael Purdy’s ‘Spinning Slowly’. Photo by Charlotte Curd.

‘Horizon’, a sculpture by China’s Mu Boyan. Photo by Charlotte Curd.

‘Damien Hirst looking for a shark’ is an inflatable sculpture by duo Danger Dave and Christian Rager. Photo by Kristen Greaves.

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