Everything You Need To Know About Omega's Seamaster “Edizione Venezia”

Everything You Need To Know About Omega’s Seamaster “Edizione Venezia”

Omega pays homage to the majestic floating city of Venice.

Now here’s a good reason to plan a trip to the floating city real soon.  According to the Swiss luxury watchmakers, the creation of the new Seamaster “Edizione Venezia” pays tribute to not only Venice but is also based on the story behind the collection’s iconic ‘Seahorse’ symbol which has graced the caseback of this line since 1957. It all began back in the 1950s when the Seamaster collection, which represented the brand’s famous diving heritage and ocean spirit, was still relatively new. At the time, an engraver named Jean-Pierre Borle who worked at the Omega design department (and was also the creator of the iconic ‘Observatory’ medallion found on the Constellation models) decided to seek inspiration in the Italian city.

Regarded by Omega as the meeting point of culture, history and elegance, it was in this historical city where some of the world’s most prolific explorers, which includes the legendary Marco Polo, began their epic journey to uncover what lies beyond the sea. It was also here that Borle would come upon the seahorse symbol displayed the gondolas that are used to travel around in the floating city. Also referred to as the Hippocampus, this mythical creature of Roman and Greek lore was once believed to have been used to pull the chariot of Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea.

A closer look at this limited edition Seamaster will reveal a very classic dress watch reminiscent of the models that first gained popularity during the 1950s. The face of the watch features 12 applied indexes paired with leaf-style hands and a domed opaline-silver dial with elegant curves akin to the vaulted ceilings often found in  Italo-Byzantine architecture.

This theme continues towards the spherical crown which resembles the shape of the dome found at St Mark’s Basilica, the most famous church in Venice. A quick flip to the caseback will reveal the famous Seahorse medallion that has been laser engraved on sapphire crystal while the words “SEAMASTER” and “Edizione Venezia” have been transferred onto the inner caseback ring. Upon closer inspection, one will be able to make out the transferred pattern which closely resembles the intricate detail of Venice’s own flag.

Available in stainless steel with a black strap or with an 18K Sedna gold case on a brown leather strap, the Seamaster “Edizione Venezia” will only be available at the Omega boutique in Venice and at the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS. Both versions will include a special black-lacquered presentation box lined in burgundy velour reminiscent of the ones found in a gondola’s interior.

For more details on this collection, visit here

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