Michelin star for Bangkok's Nahm

Michelin star for Bangkok’s Nahm

The Peak’s F&B highlights for February 2018.
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Consistently ranked as one of the world’s best restaurants, nahm recently became the proud recipient of a Michelin star, reaffirming its eminence as one of Bangkok’s most outstanding gourmet experiences. With a firm commitment to showcasing authentic cuisine and local produce, nahm uses robustly flavoured ingredients and melds them together to create a sophisticated, subtle elegance in which every element is in perfect balance, from the King Fish Salad with pomelo, lemongrass and lime, to its signature Blue Swimmer Crab Curry. Equally as enticing is its interior – its main space has a warm, honeyed glow with inspiration drawn from Thailand’s 14th to 18th-century Ayutthaya period for its textured rusty-red brick-stepped columns reminiscent of temples and handcrafted wooden screens.  You can also opt to dine on the terrace, right next to the sparkling outdoor pool.

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