The Origen Flamenco Show Comes to KLPAC

The Origen Flamenco Show Comes to KLPAC

Prepare to feel the rhythm in your body and soul as the Origen Flamenco Show comes to KLPAC for two nights of passionate music and dance.


First comes the rhythmic beats. Then comes gentle strum of the guitar. Soon, a silvery, smoky voice joins the medley. Finally, two torsos appear and start twisting and stomping to the beat.

That is simply a taste of the Origen Flamenco Show set to light the stage of Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) this 12th and 13th July. The name Origen literally translates to ‘original’ in Spanish and this name represents the idea behind the show-  to perform the purest form of flamenco as it was hundreds of years ago in Andalusia located in southern Spain. The dance found its origins from the music and dance styles of Andalusia and has been influenced by various cultures since and evolved to several forms and styles as performed today all around the world.

In respect to the origins of flamenco, director Alberto Marin brings together a full troupe of  Spanish musicians and dancers who will be performing in Kuala Lumpur and Manila on their ASEAN tour, offering the public an opportunity to experience the true flavour of the real flamenco “Tablao”.

Alberto Marin himself joins the stage with César Cubero on the guitar and José Cortés “El Indio” provides the beats on percussions. The honeyed tune of the flute comes from Rodrigo Parejo while Abraham Jiménez and David De José lend their voices in harmony to sing out folk tunes. The ensemble is completed by Cristina Carrasco and Javier Serrano both contorting their bodies and faces with emotion as they feel the music in their soul – the passion that radiates out to the audience.

Audience members will be promised an evening of warmth and pure heart at the Origen Flamenco Show. While watching the musicians and dancers perform the flamenco palos (styles) of Alegrías, Bulerías and Seguiriyas, you will be part of the conversation that happens between the musicians and dancers. As they sing, smile, clap and sway, so will you.

Join in the evening of passion at 8.30PM on the 12th and 13th July 2017 at KLPAC. Tickets can be purchased at

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